Your Job…

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By Art of the ShamanYour job is to die.

Your greatest job
Is to die the death.
And more than that,
Allow yourself
The rebirth.


You job, it is true,
Is to allow
All that you thought you knew
To be smashed
To smithereens
Upon the sharp rock
Of mountain
And gorge…
Upon the merciless
That knows more
Than history or time.



To be scattered across plains
So infinite
That you may never
Gather those same pieces back up again.

Let alone
Put them back in the same order
You knew them for.

Your job,
Is to watch
As the great winds of change
And awakening
With howling,
Billowing teeth
And strip you bare,
Naked and raw
Before the great and merciless
Light of awareness.
Where you will be seen.
Where you will be seen.
Where you will always
And relentlessly

Your job is to allow
For all this great unfolding.
To trust that in the dying
You are held.
You are safe.

And the tumult that you feel,
The evaporating up
Of all that you have been,
The loosing of everything inside
And outside
That you once counted to be
Anchored to.
That you once knew as
‘reliable’ and ‘true’…
Think of it as the wash cycle.
At some point the wash will end.

And from this great,
Cosmic washer,
You will emerge…
And open.

That that will be the time you can ask yourself
“Who am I now,
Without all that?”

And that is who you will be.

And back.

Peeled back.
Scrubbed back.
Stripped back
To the you who can communicate further
Who can serve deeper
Who loves greater.
Who lives wiser,
Though more playful.

It is your job to die.
To let it go.
Let it go.

But it is also your job
To be reborn,
To the terror of the magnanimity
Of all that you are.
To triumph through the crucible
And find
That not only could you survive
But you could be transformed.
Into something grander
And yet more humble
Then your mind
Could ever conspire to orchestrate.

Who knows
What that will be
Until the day
You find yourself baby bare
And loving the world from it.

And letting it love you
Just as you find yourself
To be.