You say you love the Goddess (one for the Tantrics)

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The goddess is not a fucking horse for you to ride.

She is not a train

She is not ‘merely’ the thing that will take you to nothingness

She is herself.

She is the ocean

She is the storm and the breath between moments

She is the humanity

She is the feeling within the experience

She is the vulnerability in my heart as I surrender


To you.



The goddess is not only a super power

She is herself,

A being-

A feeling thing.


She is not merely a tool for you to use

So that you may disappear into the void,

And then forget about her

Until the next time you want

that volcanic eruption ride.


You say you worship her.

That you love her.

That you pay homage to what she is.

You know not even the first thing about her,

Except what it is

You use for her reigns.


Do not reign her!

Do not try

To tame her –

And break her down.

As soon as I hear the word ‘control’

I know it’s something you’re trying to get down.


You cannot stop the mind.

You cannot wield the emotional realm.

You cannot stop the flow of nature,

Unless it’s that you’re damning it.


What you can do

Is sit,

Be present.

Breathe and open to the ever present now.

Relax into the space below her,

So that the holding of her is not a holding,

But an allowing.


So that she is not screaming,

But dancing


In rapture

In the bliss

In the spiralling to up and around and beyond.

In trust that you can hold whatever comes up,

Like real Shiva consciousness can

(Be you woman or a man).


That’s when the wild beast is not tamed,

But voluntarily becomes calm.


There is no goal.

There is no place

Other than here,

That you need to be.

It is not a learning but

A remembering.


You say you love the goddess

But when you look at me

I hear the words

‘should’ and ‘must’ and ‘harnessing’.


You say you love the goddess,

But when it comes to letting go,

To surrendering to the power of her love,

And heart,

And coming into the greatest gift she could give

To any…

Full complete ego death…


I feel not surrender

I see not love

What I feel is closure,

And judgement and mind,

Of all the reasons why

This or that orgasm or spiritual practice

Could be better,

Could be longer,

Could be ‘more evolved’.

This is not surrender

It’s hierarchy.

It is not acceptance and an open unfolding.

It is protection,

Pretending to be

Focused direction.


You say you love the goddess,

But when you enter inside of me,

You see me as a tool for your practice,

And not a human being.

You say you love the goddess

But when it comes time

To let go into her,

You would rather

Buckle in her mouth

And rein her.

Afraid that if you let her take you too far south

What might actually happen,

That you’re so afraid to allow,

Is union.


The very thing you teach

But never knew how

Because you were too afraid to really love the goddess

WITH everything,

Absolutely everything

She is.


I am a lover of the goddess

I will protect her

I will stand by her

I will advocate and

Honour her.


I will embody her

And hold her

And give her space to express.

you say you

I am a lover of the goddess.

And there is nowhere else to go

but here.

And now.

Exactly as it is.