Why I am so sweet.

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A lover once said to me



“I thought you’d be fiercer.”

He was ready for the cat in the sack

Claws and teeth

Bared constantly.


A lover once said to me

“You are so sweet. You’re simple.

Like a candy stick.

Being with you is easy

And fun.

How did you come

To be

Such a sweetheart?”


I said


I’m sweet outside

Because inside I’m a wild bitch.

A mad bitch.

Fierce and don’t fuck with me




I’m sweet and simple

Because I know

My temple.

I know my guards, and gates and boundaries,

And who gets in and who is worthy.


I trust myself.


And I know

That when the truth comes

I can call it out



No one

Is going to get past me.


I’ve owned my fierceness.

And that gives me the sweetness

In the security I’ve created

Within myself.


I am sweet

Because inside

I am a warrior.

And a warrior

Chooses wisely

About who she lets inside

The gates.

And when dishonesty arrives

She will not hesitate

With singing metal …


I am sweet

Because I chose you.

And you treat me well.


But lie to me

Or lie to yourself.

And you’ll discover

That this sweet

Is fierce as hell.