Transfiguration Circles




‘To shine through’ – ‘To change, so as to glorify or exalt’ – (and, my favourite) ‘The art of accessing the Truth beyond appearances’



Journey into the infinite…


Transfiguration is the one of the foundation stones of Tantric practice. It is the practice of seeing the divine within the self and the other, and in witnessing it, allowing both to transform into that divinity. In seeing and being seen (eye gazing), we amplify the Truth of the Divinity that we are. In doing this, we recognise (and experience) that we are one.

Transfiguration also allows for us to more deeply connect to our inner masculine and/or feminine, and in doing so, create stronger understanding, love and attraction in our relationships, no matter the sexes of the people involved.

The first Saturday of every month at Ashtanga Yoga Centre, Fitzroy, from 7.15pm.

This practice is really catching like wildfire in Melbourne. Something like that only happens when people are really benefitting from something. It is changing the way people see themselves, each other and the level of intimacy people are open to experiencing in relationship. It is changing the way people relate and how men and women relate to each other. It is bringing a whole community of people into connection and recognition of the union and oneness of us all.

That is a profound thing.

This circle takes place within the context of a Shiva/Shakti (the divine masculine and feminine principles) setting. The basic concepts of what Shiva and Shakti are are introduced as well as what transfiguration is. We then separate into two groups; the Shivas into one space, to be facilitated to go deep into connecting with and embodying their masculine essence, and the Shaktis with me, to do the same with their feminine essence. We then come together and sit in the ritual and practice of Transfiguration together.

Men or women can play either role, though I recommend you play the role of whatever your essence is, as this is working with your natural inclination to open. So if you’re a man or woman with a masculine essence, hit up the Shiva side (masculine consciousness). Likewise if you’re a woman or a man with a feminine essence, hit up the Shakti team (feminine life force energy).

Women’s Transfiguration in Melbourne has finished as I am off on international jaunts. Want a women’s transfiguration circle? Book me! 🙂

The purpose of this space is allow women an opportunity to journey deeply into themselves, concentrating purely on women’s processes and practices. This space explores both the inner masculine and feminine selves, depending on the theme for each month and concludes with a final Transfiguration circle ritual.

The weekly Melbourne sit has finished as I am off on international jaunts. Want a drop in transfiguration circle? Book me! 🙂

The purpose of this weekly sit is to really bring this practice into full integrity and give people the opportunity to really bring it into their lives as a practice of connection, presence and intimacy.



Limited spaces.


Shiva Shakti Transfiguration Nights

“I have never been so open and able to give and receive love with men like that before. At the end when we had to say a word I said “Luscious ” but I really wanted to break out into some expressive dance thing, throw my arms in the air and shout out a big joyful “FUCK!!!” Maybe if I keep transfigging and dancing then one day I can vocally express what’s really going on instead of holding back in shyness

My shiva for sat night was blown away by the experience, he loved it He was nervous beforehand and then when the shivas came and sat down I looked into his eyes and he had been totally transformed by the shivafying. So in his masculine: strong, present, holding space- Sean is really good at whatever it is they do in there!”  – Nat

“I find these events to be really brutal. Brutal is not the right word though because I don’t intend the negative connotation . Brutal is the right word in one sense because transfiguration is a ruthless sword. Wielded by an army of open hearts it cuts away the fat and muscle leaving bones which also quickly disintegrate leaving only energy, love, sexuality, consciousness and the like. It so efficiently shows up all that is waste, the ego, the doubt, the judgement, the expectation, the need and the codependency and shines it’s stunning light toward all that is beautiful, powerful, crystalline, perfect, and clear.” – George

” Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful space and atmosphere…  My awareness has heightened, I am deeply deeply affected. Like something erupted. A volcano in my fucking soul, spirit, heart, body, mind and overall being. Like I exploded blissfully and quickly put myself back together again, but better… I’ve never felt so much love, warmth and recognition from and for those people in the circle… I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone look at me quite like those wondrous people did… I saw and felt things that I’ve never seen or felt before. Like I was experiencing everything for the first time. I was reborn.. I was overwhelmed. Such beauty. I’m so grateful. Afterwards… My body was tingly all over, shaking  slightly, I was on the verge of tears. I went to the bathroom and broke down; all of i just poured out of me. It was amazing. Thank you so so much..” – Tija


Women’s Only Transfiguration…

“I’m so incredibly grateful for what we share and what we are yet to discover together! The collective Shakti consciousness is just incredible and awe inspiring. Tonight I saw myself through the eyes of a goddess and witnessed my inner goddess staring back and truly saw that I am beautiful and felt nothing but pure love and adoration for myself. I also had the pleasure of witnessing women whose beauty brought me to tears and made love course through me so intensely that I’ve never felt so open. I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have experienced this.” – Alana

“I don’t have any words that would do last night or any of you justice… xxxxx” – Miranda.

Shiva Shakti Transfiguration Circle

Ashtanga Yoga Centre, Level 1, 110-112 Argyle Street, Fitzroy.

Saturday March 7th, 7.15pm

This will be my FINAL CIRCLE before heading overseas indefinitely!!

It is set to be a super special event, with live, channelled, sacred music, delicious food after and delectable aphrodisiac treats for you to take home and enjoy (made by Luka, with love)!

Tickets are pre-paid in PAIRS. You must book with the person you wish to bring as your partner (your Shiva or Shakti). Tickets close at 4pm on Saturday the 7th

This is to ensure that everyone has a partner (You’ll go around the whole circle though, so you will only be with that partner for 6 – 9 minutes throughout the evening), and that there are even numbers.

If you don’t have a friend or partner you would like to bring, please visit the Facebook event page, and search or post under the ‘partner search’ pinned post at the top of the page.

March Theme:  TBA



*Please note, latecomers will not be admitted to the space and refunds are not available.


Women’s Only Transfiguration

We have finished our women’s events for 2014. Book me for 2015.




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