Thoughts On Death, Immortality And Creativity

Posted on February 26, 2015 in Beliefs, News | Comments Off on Thoughts On Death, Immortality And Creativity

grim reaper kidI’ve been watching a lot of Jason Silva recently. I think he’s a really awesome, super special, on it man. Sexily charismatic and deeply passionate.


However, I strongly disagree with his ideas in regards to Death. He believes death is a terrible thing that we should fight with the use of technology.

I disagree.


Death is the final event in our lives that acts as a metaphor for death in all of it’s guises. Being able to accept death as a finality allows us to accept the CONSTANT dying that is happening ALL THE TIME. Death of relationships, death of identity, death of self, minor and major changes in our lives.

When we accept death, we are able to be at peace and acceptance with all the changes that life throws at us.


This does not make us passionless. It does not mean we don’t care. It just means that underneath the loss there is a balance and acceptance of what is.


This is the BEING. What you choose to do from that place (creating longer lives etc through technology) is another thing entirely. You may choose to find the immortality pill, but if you accept death as a constant (because it is there even if you DON’T take the big sleep), your quality of life will be better. You will be in deeper peace. You will be in deeper gratitude. Your relationships will be freer and more loving, as opposed to attached and needy.


When it comes to the creative aspect here’s what I think:

Our deaths allow us to evolve form being individualistic creatures to collective creatures. It means we create for the greater good. We sacrifice our individual immortality so the human race may continue to evolve.


If there weren’t the certainty of death, would we feel the need to propagate our ideas and creations with such strong motivation? Would we offer ourselves to anything other than ourselves?


I don’t believe we would feel the fire or passion of creativity and gratitude anywhere near so much.


They are things I’m grateful for!