The woman inside me…

Posted on November 2, 2015 in Beliefs, Conscious Relating, Consciousness, Empowerment, Feminine, Love, Relationship, Sex | Comments Off on The woman inside me…

I love


“There is someone inside of me who is terrified of love. She’s afraid of all the hurt and pain that comes with opening to the Unknown. That can come with opening to the Void – to the unpredictability of another person.


There is a woman inside me who knows what it is to merge with another and be broken apart when the ideals did not match up with the actuality.

When I come to that, I know that it is not love that she is afraid of, but unmet ideals. She is afraid of putting up the wrong structures for fear that they create a perception that becomes life shattering. It is ideals she is afraid of, not love.


Because love is ever present, with or without another. Love permeates all and creates all. It is what all is created from.

So what happens when she lets go of ideals completely?




She loves.”


The deeper you go, the deeper the connection – the more it is probably going to simultaneously scare the shit out of you and bring you into joy.

Life is an ever unfolding path.

Love you all lovers!

Keep loving!