The Orgasmic Woman…

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She sits

In a red velveteen decked out cafe.

The pressure in her lower belly is strong.

It is hot.


She is an orgasmic woman.

Every cell in her body drips

And buzzes

With life.

She is

The playground for pleasure

To rest

To ache

To swirl

And release.



She is the space in which inspiration is born.

Within fertile soil.

Land rich and calling for life

To be planted.

To be sown, watered and ripened.



She is an ocean swirl.

The powerful push of that which feels

Carrying her on such strong tides.

Carrying those around her

Those who dip into her waves.



She is an orgasmic woman

Powerful as much as the sky

When it flashes electric.

As terrifying as the winds

When they become cyclonic.

Raging like the heat

Of fires

Burning for days

And days

And weeks.



She is an orgasmic woman

Her desires will never be still

Though they can be satiated.

Always calling Shiva to enter back

Into life.



Calling with soft strokes and

Tender embraces

As much as

Deep and unforgiving pounding

Through the nights

And the days.



Shakti is here

Shakti has come

She is that which will show you

If you have won,

Just for a moment

A brief second of now.

But don’t get complacent!

Don’t think that’s it –

Blink and you die.

She can turn in the breath of a minute.



Not to be fickle,

Not to belittle you

But to be the feedback

And training ground

For you to come into greater consciousness

Do not lie to yourself

Choose to be brave,

You know it, it’s true

Integrity’s a constantly evolving




She is an orgasmic woman.

Her love could break or make you.

Her magnetism will always draw you.

The mystery, the unknown.



Shakti is here

Shakti has come.

Shakti is everywhere.

All around.



She is life

She is the Divine

She is the ever frustrating

Shifter of Truth through time.

Her energy will invigorate you

And intoxicate

If you allow it to.



An orgasmic woman

Makes the sparks of existence

Come to life.