The Five Questions To Revolutionise Your Love Life

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Back in 2013 I had a massive realization.

I realized that I wanted to be in relationship.


It was a hard thing for me to admit at the time because I was so used to being strong Ms Independence. Ms “I don’t need you or anyone else for that matter, thanks very much!”


Having that realization was incredibly powerful for me, not just because it opened me up to vulnerability within myself, but because it forced me to confront a massive question I had long been asking:


“Why do I keep finding myself in relationship with guys who treat me like sh*t / don’t see me / aren’t available/ don’t meet me / don’t want to commit / are either overbearing control freaks or meek little boys???”


At some point I got smart.


I looked at other people who were having great relationships and realized “It isn’t them, it’s me”. I was the common denominator in all of my relationships. My unconscious emotional patterning was what was attracting me to unhealthy relationships, even though I THOUGHT I wanted healthy ones.


I don’t know what your history is like, but I had a wild ride as a child, and that crazy upbringing created some super intense relationship patterns. I had A LOT to work through. And believe me, I tried EVERYTHING! It’s been a long road, but as a result of all of that inquiry and growth, I can honestly say the relationships I have with men now are STELLAR! And while my relationships with men are now super beautiful, the most awesome thing of all is how using intimate relationship as the mirror to my own stuff changed my relationship to myself.


I learnt how to love who I am. And that is priceless.


Whether you’re at the beginning of your relationship exploration or you’ve been chipping away for a while now… whether you’re single and wanting to be in relationship or you that you know improving your relationship to yourself improves your own quality of life, this video below asks five questions that will totally revolutionize your love life.





Testimonials from the Love Clear.

“I’d had years of relationship disasters, and was really ready to put these patterns behind me. An unexpected result of this process was the love I found in myself. The Love Clear has been one of the biggest life altering journeys, and the love I feel now is of such great depth, I have had tears of gratitude for this feeling within on numerous occasions. I’ve never felt an emotion so strongly in all my life.

Imagine the surprise when the man I pictured in my mind on our last session turned up in my life a few months later. He embodies every quality I had called in during our sessions, and the love we share is very, very special.

Working with Courtney has been the most wonderful journey, filled with compassion, love, and the space to be able to be brutally honest without fear of being judged. This has meant we could really nail the big stuff!

If you ever get the chance to work with Courtney, take the opportunity tightly with both hands and don’t let go. She will take you on a life altering journey to discover the greatness within yourself, so you can rise to be the person you are ultimately capable of being.”

– Samantha Riley, Sydney, Australia. Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer.

“I’ve found Courtney’s Love Clear program to be truly phenomenal… In the past 4 weeks since completing the clear with Courtney I’ve made some major life changes to call in what’s important to me. The process clears the shit that’s in the way of being who I need to be to attract what I want. I’ve been on more dates in the past month than I’ve been on in the past couple of years of being single…. I have my metaphorical intimate relationship training wheels on …. Which is a far cry from not riding my relationship bike at all for two years.”

– Lu Lu, Melbourne, Australia, Dancing Eros Facilitator.

“I’m a big fan of this process, it has had a big effect in my life. Definitely things are shifting and I have noticed a lot more attention coming my way. But bigger than that I’ve noticed my own blockages clearing around grief (I’m a widower). This has led me to believe in the possibility of love again to the point that I’ve reconnected to an ex and been able realise a love that I was in denial of… This feels beautiful. I’m in love!!”

– Justin Oats, Melbourne Australia (who has just had a baby with the partner he met a month after the Love Clear!)



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