The female body as sacred – where our culture is really at.

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choc cakeToday I was standing at the corner of Elizabeth and Collins (in Melbourne), munching on one of those ‘paleo’ anzac biscuits.

I had just had a super profound osteo adjustment session​ (apparently 2 of my ribs have been popped out of place for god knows how long! No wonder I’ve had chronic shoulder issues!). I was pretty out of it and needed to eat something to ground.


An older man, sweet and obviously wanting to connect/be charming (but thoroughly conditioned by old world culture) came up to me and said “That’s bad for your figure, you know.” My response was in accordance with what his intention was, rather than what he was actually saying, which he wasn’t aware of. I laughed and said “No, it’s good for me, it’s sugar free.”


If someone had walked up to me and said that two years ago, while I was still in eating disorder land, I would have shrivelled up in shame and died.

Instead I felt sad, and not for myself. I felt sad that women still feel the need to shave their bodies of flesh in order to consider themselves desirable and worthy. I feel sad that a big way in which Australians (not really in our community) find such pleasure in connecting with each other through shaming and sarcastic back handed compliments.

I feel sad that joking about women’s bodies being anything other than beautiful exactly as they are; being anything other than an incarnation of the goddess, is considered ok and in no way invasive or out of order. I am not angry at that sweet old man. He thought he was being funny. But actually he was shaming and cutting me down, in a super unconscious and socially conditioned way.


Women should be able to eat whatever they want, if it nourishes their bodies and brings them pleasure, and celebrate that we are lucky enough to live in a country where good, delicious and varied food is easily accessible. We as a culture of men and women should celebrate pleasure (done in a healthy way, as opposed to a gluttonous, unhealthy way) rather than limiting our calorie intake and being strict and austere so in order to be perceived as ‘sexy/desireable enough’.


I know this is something I myself that I have not yet mastered, but continue to find ways to love my body, with all of my mind ideas of how I think it ‘should be’. I continue to love her, through whatever shit and ideas may be there, because she is my feminine, she is my juice, she is my love and power source in this world. She is what allows me to be a bridge between the world.

The body is the space where consciousness and energy merge, where the masculine and feminine make love. The body is a sacred fucking temple, and instead of going to war with her (and refusing to feed her something delicious when she really needs/wants it), I want to love her so that she can teach me all of the wisdom I may have been afraid to hear…


You can’t starve the feminine into enlightenment. You can’t demand or beat her into it either. The feminine needs foreplay, and slow, gentle opening, and I don’t mean that just with sex. I mean it with life. It’s once she’s been opened with love that the full spectrum of beast to transcendent can be explored. I know that encounters like this show me that love and acceptance of full feminine beauty and pleasure is still not understood or embraced in the outside world, and how it robs EVERYONE. Because when women are not full and juicy, men miss out (it goes the opposite too, ladies: when men are not celebrated and respected, women receive less).


It shows me why Transfiguration and practices like Dancing Eros are so freaking important. It shows me why we need to understand both men and women and the masculine and feminine better, in order to have a full power, totally juicy, enlightened world to live and play TOGETHER in.


How much are you loving and forgiving of your body? How much are you loving and forgiving of your emotions? How much do you give your heart a chance to open into love and trust before you offer the sacredness of your wild, feisty and vulnerable, sassy transcendent spirituality? How much do you say yes to your healthy, joyful pleasure?


The feminine is here, and she’s ready to love and transform this world into a sumptuous fucking feast of love and abundance. All she needs i for us to love and respect her.


Go on, buy some chocolate, and pleasure your mouth and spirit with it!