“Courtney Halsted is incredible at what she does. She has a deep and intuitive ability to find and unlock the patterns that drive unconscious behaviour. Of everyone I’ve trained in the clearing methodology Courtney is one the most skilled and trusted practioners I know. If you’re considering working with her – do it!”

– Dane Tomas, Creator of Clearing.



Clearing – The Spiral


“I endlessly explore methods for transformation that bring the unconscious to the light … that we may shift our deeply embedded beliefs, assumptions, patterns and behaviors, and come closer to essence. Clearing caught my attention. But more than the method, I was intrigued by Courtney, who I see as a bright spark of incredible insight. For me, she gets both the breadth and depth of our wounding as humans — and our great light. In session after session, she brought the roots of my core material to the surface, where I could see them and heal them. Yay.”

– Robin Athey, Boulder, Co.


Boom Online

“I had SUCH A TRANSFORMATION WITH THIS COURSE! …(it made) me realise that I was lying to myself about being a big star. I was only pretending. I quit some of my teaching that didn’t serve me and am now getting work that allows me to SHINE and in that allows my students to SHINE. Living my life with an extra amount of joy and power oh and LOVE. My creativity expression has hit an all time HIGH. I invite you to do this course as it has done wonders for myself !!!! Big love people! A BIG FAT YES TO DOING THIS COURSE ! Xxx”

– Stephanie Harrison, Melbourne, Australia. Dancer.


Clearing – Spiral and the Love Clear

“I first worked with Courtney for The Spiral which I was very nervous about, as I had my doubts that this technique would bring results.  But right from our first session, the changes I felt in myself were huge and before long I started to notice that my life-long reactions and responses were changing.  I was starting to believe in myself much more, and my visions for the future were becoming much bigger with this new found confidence.

When Courtney suggested The Love Clear at the completion of Spiral, I think my mouth said yes before my brain even registered.  At the time, I’d had years of relationship disasters, and was really ready to put these patterns behind me.  An unexpected result of this process was the love I found in myself.  The Love Clear has been one of the biggest life altering journeys, and the love I feel now is of such great depth, I have had tears of gratitude for this feeling within on numerous occasions.  I’ve never felt an emotion so strongly in all my life.  Imagine the surprise when the man I pictured in my mind on our last session turned up in my life a few months later.  He embodies every quality I had called in during our sessions, and the love we share is very, very special.

Working with Courtney has been the most wonderful journey, filled with compassion, love, and the space to be able to be brutally honest without fear of being judged.  This has meant we could really nail the big stuff!

If you ever get the chance to work with Courtney, take the opportunity tightly with both hands and don’t let go.  She will take you on a life altering journey to discover the greatness within yourself, so you can rise to be the person you are ultimately capable of being.”

– Samantha Riley, Sydney, Australia. Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer.



Clearing –  Life Sessions

“Receiving Courtney’s support has been very beneficial for me.  As a Personal Evolution Coach, I’ve given and received a LOT of healing and growth modalities.  Courtney’s approach is impressive.  It’s an effective mix of methods including psychology, metaphysics, meridian channels, intuition and more.  I love that it not only helps me identify my core limiting beliefs, it helps me release them on the spot.  It’s a powerful ride, and it’s well worth the commitment.”

– Soléo Michael, Boulder, Co. Business & Personal Evolution Coach



Embodying the Leela

“Leela honestly changed my life. It provided space for me to explore parts of myself previously unknown to me and it allowed me to safely express these powerful areas. I enjoyed the supportive and open communication amongst the group, and the final integration of the performance. Courtney walks her talk, and I am grateful for the magic that was created.”

– Amy Sinclair, Melbourne, Australia.


Clearing – The Spiral

“Clearing with Courtney has been like being washed by a waterfall. Feeling the energy of cleansing old sub-conscious layers, while being held, and guided by an expert facilitator such as Courtney felt exhilarating and powerful. I have seen shifts and surges of new energy in my life that are still unfolding. Thanks for your offerings and I hope more people chose to experience it.”

– Chris DeCicco, Boulder, Co.



Boom Online

“BOOM!!!! Be warned….. this course will change your life! You may need to take a few days off of work, you may have explosive fights with your closest friends and family, you may decide to quit the career you have been working at for the last 10 years… I have empowered myself to be able to do whatever it is I desire in my life. We all have these archetypes within us and I feel it is vital for them to be activated and integrated for you to  be able to live your highest potential. You are the only one that can do this work for your self, if you are willing and fully participate then sit back and enjoy the ride. I understand myself so much more throughly through doing the work of this course… I love this work and feel a better being for doing it!!”

– Amanda Mutton, Queensland, Australia.


Embodying the Leela

“Wow. Ok, I’m still coming down from last night’s evening course of Leela. I’m feeling this creative explosion through my being as if I’ve just reignited a fire that had long burnt out. Holy shit!! I have a million different amazing ideas rushing through my brain and it just feels like a wave of warm water nourishing all of my cells with happiness and life force. OMG YES!”

– Laura Mcilroy , Melbourne, Australia.


Clearing – The Spiral

“Spiral transformed my life. From a young age, I’d dealt with severe dissociation, a belief that something was wrong with me and that I needed to learn something, do something or be something different to remedy that. Spiral initially cleared the foundations of shame, dogma and guilt. From there, the dissociated parts of myself began integrating or fell away if they no longer fit in my life. In 7 weeks, I achieved the level of integration my therapist told me I’d be working at for a decade.

My relationship with my husband shifted dramatically. Many things surfaced suddenly that were previously sore subjects: finances, sex, emotional intimacy, and partnership. Where I’d previously resorted to nagging and arguing, I was able to express and respond to the emotions that came up. It’s become ok to feel furious with my spouse, express it and develop a plan of action. It’s ok for us to be open and vulnerable with each other about having fantasies or feel unfulfilled without threatening the relationship or shaming one another . He’s expressed an awareness of his own transformation during this process and is excited to go through spiral himself.

Spiral is not for the faint of heart. It is for those willing to dig deep, face fears and find the treasures within. It’s given me tools for staying present with my emotions. I no longer need to retreat within myself out of fear or being overwhelmed.

It supports me in closing the book of how my life was and opening a fresh book. I get to write a new story, one created by my intentions instead of dictated by old patterns.”

– Leslie Spires, Boulder, Co.


Boom Online and Clearing

“I started working with Courtney in late 2014 and it has been one of the best decisions I have made to date. Starting with The Spiral, Courtney helped me to lay down the foundations of my personal development journey and drop the shit that was weighing me down and clouding my view.
After that, I didn’t hesitate to sign up for The Love Clear; which completely changed the way I approach relationships in all forms. I feel like my heart has burst through the walls I built around it and now I come from a place of love and understanding instead of pain and loss. I believe in the tools and skills that helped me in both of these programs so much that I became a practitioner myself and continued to work with Courtney with the BOOM! Online.
BOOM! Is one amazing program that forced me to step up and cut the crap. It’s raw, confronting, emotional and life changing. It’s everything you would want and more. If it wasn’t for BOOM!, I wouldn’t be setting up my own business and the life I’ve always wanted. Courtney’s coaching has allowed me to become an empowered, confident, sensual, loving and vulnerable creative force to reckoned with.
I highly recommended working with Courtney in any way that benefits you. She is the most loving and supportive ass-kicker that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her programs are an accelerated path to the person you were always meant to be, the person you always have been underneath the excuses you’ve made for yourself.”
– Lucy-Jade Hind, Perth, Australia. Tour Manager/Life Coach

Clearing – Business

I just had the most amazing clearing session! Courtney really helped me to name and shift some proper dark, dirty, deep old shit today. Loads of stuff around authority, my value, my worth, self promotion….I cannot recommend her highly enough! Time to get out there and shine my light!”

– Mangala Holland, Melbourne, Australia, Tantra Teacher.


Clearing – The Love Clear

“I’ve found Courtney’s Love Clear program to be truly phenomenal… In the past 4 weeks since completing the clear with Courtney I’ve made some major life changes to call in what’s important to me. The process clears the shit that’s in the way of being who I need to be to attract what I want. I’ve been on more dates in the past month than I’ve been on in the past couple of years of being single…. I have my metaphorical intimate relationship training wheels on …. Which is a far cry from not riding my relationship bike at all for two years.”

– Lu Lu, Melbourne, Australia, Dancing Eros Facilitator.


Clearing – Life Sessions

“I was deeply skeptical of the ‘Clearing’ process, and wasn’t really sure what was involved.  To be honest, I still don’t know how it works, but I can say this:  It works. Do it.  I’m confident you’ll give thanks for this advice if you follow it.

In minutes Courtney intuitively honed in on what I wasn’t saying, and holding it together with what I was, keenly discriminated the core concepts in my knot of issues.  After decades of self work it was stunning to then have her track and unpack the precise feelings and complex logics of my deepest unresolved patterns stemming from pre-verbal childhood. Issue after issue, like she was speed reading from a picture book, many of my ‘greatest hits’ were finally laid bare in the clear light of day for the first time.

Within hours it also occurred to me it was the LAST time.  The shifts in my internal landscape were immediately obvious as I encountered situation after situation in my life where I simply no longer got stuck, tripped up or closed down.  I was free to respond creatively in the moment, effortlessly being different and easily choosing to act differently.

I’m in awe, and deeply grateful… THANK YOU”

– Chris Stewart, Melbourne, Australia


Clearing – The Love Clear

“I’m a big fan of this process, it has had a big effect in my life. Definitely things are shifting and I have noticed a lot more attention coming my way. But bigger than that I’ve noticed my own blockages clearing around grief (I’m a widower). This has led me to believe in the possibility of love again to the point that I’ve reconnected to an ex and been able realise a love that I was in denial of… This feels beautiful. I’m in love!!”

– Justin Oats, Melbourne Australia (who has just had a baby with the partner he met a month after the Love Clear!)


Clearing – Life Sessions

  “When it’s time to get down into the nitty-gritty of it all… this is when you call in Courtney. She  sticks her hand down into the drain pipes of your psyche… pulling out great handfuls of your very specific and intimate personal gunk which has been blocking you in all kinds of areas for lord knows how long… alerting you to long-entrenched patterns and clearing them …”

– George Howson, Melbourne, Australia. Singer.