Surrender (men and women) – the whens not to and whens to.

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In the Tantra world, women are told ‘surrender, surrender, surrender.’


Well, what if there’s a GOOD REASON why you’re not surrendering? What if there are qualifiers TO surrendering. Being told ‘you need to surrender’ is one of the things that often sparks shame in women. But if you are a feminine being, your nature IS TO SURRENDER, which means if you’re not doing that, there’s maybe a good reason.


And men, if your woman isn’t surrendering, what does that say about your own integrity (can she trust you to be there when she surrenders)? What does it say about your TRUE desires to REALLY receive the deep juicy love of the feminine? Can you hold the chaos that can come with a fully opened and surrendered woman?


It isn’t just about ‘surrendering’. It’s about earning the trust of your woman/feminine partner. It’s about you as a woman healing your own lack of trust of yourself and surrendering to your own iner masculine’s discernment first.


It’s about all of us being willing to die the real ego death in the face of the true presence of the Masculine and Feminine.


Enjoy and share the love!



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