Stepping into the fire of Truth

Posted on May 25, 2015 in Beliefs, Clearing, News | Comments Off on Stepping into the fire of Truth


Last night whilst dancing under the stars, reflected by a lake beside me… next to a giant pool covered in floating candles, inside the grounds of a villa…


I realised. This isn’t just a holiday.

This is my life now.

When I decided to pack up everything, convert my business to online and GO, I was shit scared. I had NO IDEA how I was going to make it happen. There was no guarantee of security. There was no safety-net of home or working for someone else if shit went bad.


But the thing is, is that my soul was being stifled. I felt totally trapped, stuck, uninspired, and worst of all (for me) unexpressed in my true spirit.


I felt like I had lost my essence. I did not feel free. I no longer noticed the little things that used to give me so much pleasure:

Light through the leaves of trees
The sensation of the wind on my face
The changing colours of the sky
A moment
A breath
I no longer felt myself dissolving into nature when I was there.

Because I wan’t living true to myself. I was living in the way I thought I ‘SHOULD’ (if I wanted to ‘get anywhere’).

But there is no such thing as ‘should’. How many billions of people are there on the planet now? How many ways are there to love, eat, enjoy, find pleasure, connect to ‘God’ and LIVE?? And how often do we find a way that is right for us IN A MOMENT and determine that that’s the way we will be for the rest of our lives?


Because we are always changing. What is right for me now may not be right in three months time. But in order to stay aligned with myself, all I can do is keep checking in, keep being true. Keep making sometimes scary choices in order to do what’s best for me and my happiness (and therefore the happiness of the world around me and those who benefit from my work).


Because if you are living in truth, likely it may often feel like an edge. Even now, whilst I’m feeling the most present in my body I have felt in I don’t know how long… The slowest, most relaxed, most open, most grateful… I can still feel how I am in the paradox of being at my edge, whilst being deeply relaxed.


Since I made the decision to leave, everything has flowed into place. I have been supported every single step of the way to make this change happen. Work has boomed (literally, The BOOM Experience is in mid pump as I type!), visas arrived in the nick of time, accommodation popping up for me on the island smoothly (I arrived to the island, was offered a place to stay until the 26th, and just found another place that is available from that same day, the 26th until the day I leave).


It has been pretty amazing for me to witness what happens when you surrender yourself to the terrifying truth of being who you truly are.


If there is anything I can offer to everyone from this continuing, unfolding experience, it’s this.

Do what your heart is aching for.
Everything will come together to support you.
No matter how much it scares you (especially if it does).
No matter how much you CAN’T see how it’s possible.

Do it. Because when you do, you are allowing your soul to shine.
Everything in the entire cosmos ALWAYS comes together in order to support the shining of your spirit.



Very grateful right now.

Sending love to you all!

Shine on lovers!