Spiritual ‘Nice Guy’ Dogma Bullshit!!!

Posted on April 1, 2015 in Beliefs, Conscious Relating, Love, News, Relationship | Comments Off on Spiritual ‘Nice Guy’ Dogma Bullshit!!!


Those who trigger the living fuck out of you are those who hold the greatest juice for your learning.

AND sometimes you just don’t like someone!


Many ‘conscious’ (whatever that word means) folk feel the need to like everyone. To be liked by everyone. I used to be this way. I’m not anymore. There are some people I just don’t like. And I’m ok with that. Because to try and force myself to would be like creating violence upon myself. It’s like putting a tropical flower in a desert and asking it to grow. Or a cactus in a highly humid area and asking it to flourish (I don’t know that much about cacti, so let’s not get caught up in specifics. It’s a metaphor. Actually, it’s a simile).




What will benefit you though is to see what it is in them that’s pissing you off, and see what it corresponds to in you.

And then try to cultivate love for that person… Under the trigger.
Sometimes once you do this you’ll find that the person triggering the living fuck out of you is someone you deeply love and who you’re now so much closer with. My best friend Vanessa​ and I are very familiar with this! It’s a part of why our friendship is so strong and the love so deep.


Sometimes the best thing you can do is work it out and then stay the hell away from that person and NOT be friends.


You don’t have to be nice. You don’t have to like everyone. And believe me, it is NEVER going to happen that EVERYONE likes you. And that’s ok. What we do all need to do is bring awareness to our relating and be in integrity around who we spend our time with. Balance of challenge and support, Truth and Love, equal energy exchange (everyone is rejuvenated by the hang out).

It’s not all ‘love and light’ and the sooner people acknowledge that, the sooner Truth and authenticity will be embodied and the more space there will be for real love to emerge.



I’m not interested in like.


 I Am deeply interested in love.