Saying no, in order to say YES

Posted on January 17, 2016 in Beliefs, Consciousness, Empowerment, Expression, News, Power | 8 comments


Integrity, boundaries, saying no (so you can say a full hearted YES to what you do want) are some of the basics to creating to super magical, juicy and tapped in life you know you’ve got within you.



  1. thank you sister; this was a beautiful reminder???? one of the most important yet not easiest tasks indeed!
    (and you’re so sweet☺️)

    • Definitely so importnat!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!! 🙂

      And thank you.. 🙂

  2. Thank you Sister!
    Gained a lot from the this talk. It has shined a light on many ‘YES’ decisions I have made out of people pleasing behaviors. We have a certain amount of second chances to get it right! And shine our light!

    It feels so powerful to live and make decisions from intuitive feel!! So inspiring!! I liked your line about how co-dependence is not love. Love JT

    • Glad it benefited you! And yes, codependence is NEVER love. I highly recommend you check out Pia Melody’s work not he subject! xx

  3. Love this!

    • <3

  4. Thank you so much Courtney. Not only did this highlight to me ways that I am not respecting my own boundaries… But it also helped me see the perspective of someone on the other side who is honouring their boundaries, when at times I have not been able to understand/see this.

    I really liked the explanation about being in integrity, and how energy gets lost and we become exhausted if we are not.

    Can this extend to the integrity of a relationship do you feel? For example, engaging intimately with someone that cannot honour or recognise the partnership that they are participating in, and then have them complain that the intimacy causes massive energy loss to them. Could this be because they are not acting from a place of integrity?

    Much love. <3

    • I’m glad this fed you, Ambah! 🙂

      I think in the case of relationship, it always takes two. If you continue to engage with someone who is out of integrity in their behaviour towards you, then you are being a contortionist in order to be with them: you are compromising and bringing yourself out of integrity with yourself.

      In any situation where you feel it causes you energy loss, it’s generally because you’re acting out of alignment with yourself – in my experience.

      My question to you is what is it in you that want to continue engaging with someone who won’t honour you?