My Life, the Laboratory

Posted on December 23, 2015 in Art | Comments Off on My Life, the Laboratory


My life is the laboratory

For exploration
For initiation.

My life is the learning space
To explore
The different places
Of the human psyche
The recesses of universal mind
Through different individual beings.


And me.


There are chemical comments
Kept in beakers
That have no labels
And the only way
To discover what they do
Is mix them around
With other shit
And find out if they explode,
Fizz out,
Or turn into the much sort after
Alchemist’s gold.


It takes bravery
And some foolishness
To live like that.


My life is the kitchen
Where mistakes do not exist.
Only cakes baked
Too long
Or too short
Or without enough cinnamon or fat.
The point is not to ‘get it right’
To follow a recipe written in someone else’s hand
But to discover a new frontier in cooking
Allowing it all to come from within.


At some point
After the burning
Of the baking
And missing
Of measurements
I will find
The perfect combination
Unique to my tongue, tastes
And desires from inside.


My life is the laboratory
And instead of trying to get it right
The Sagittarian in me
Just wishes to explore
To journey
To understand and know the knowing
That comes form deep embodied


It allows me
To point out the
To others on the way.


My life,
The laboratory.
Part of me always wanted to be
A mad scientist.


I guess, the thing is
Is that I am
What I am.


So hungry for experience.