Leaning into Chaos – when life comes to claim you

Posted on January 17, 2016 in Beliefs, Conscious Relating, Consciousness, Empowerment, Feminine, Masculine, News, Power, Relationship | 2 comments

Chaos – or when everything turns to shit.
We all know it.


But the thing is, the more you run away from it, the more it’s going to come and bite you in your sweet backside.

How do you relate with chaos? Do you love her? Do you try to stifle her?

What is the chaos in your life trying to tell you?

With special juicy poem magick midway.




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  1. Wow sister the chaos has led me to You. Thank you for your heartfelt earthy wild and wonder full words. I am building my bridge to my essence. Grit to lift another plank in finding you and your work sister. Love & ♥

    • Thank you Snead! You are so welcome. I’m happy it touched you!