I feel you in my dark places

Posted on October 21, 2015 in Art | Comments Off on I feel you in my dark places

I think of you

And feel it in my dark places

I feel it in my wet places

The places that are below.

I want to open it up to you

I want to surrender myself open to you.


I want to feel your fingers inside me.


Long walk daydreams

To smooth beats and funk

I imagine the joy of dancing with you

Flirting in front of crowds

With you.

Feeling the connection holds true.

Sparks fly off us like tinder box shocks

And catch

In the dry wonder

About us.

Around us.

Circling flame and fire

To become us

As we are already it.


Put your mouth on my mouth.

Put your presence

Inside my body

Give me no option

But to submit

To now.


I want you

I want you


I want to let my pussy devour you.