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Sexual Priestess

Nine week online course – Self actualization through sex and consciousness



Get juicy, raw, real and sacred!

Be a part of the nine week deep dive for women. For those who want to connect to their deep juicy sexuality, ORGASMIC PLEASURE, stand in their power and use their sex for both their greatest spiritual awakening and the awakening of their intimate partners.


Deepen in your connection with your sex.
Come into deep union states through sexual practice.
Use sexual energy to totally transform and AWAKEN your life.
Access and embody both the feminine and masculine.
Discover and embody HOW to call those around you into full presence and integrity through the power of your pussy and feminine power.

Do you feel
Ashamed of sex and/or your sexuality?
Afraid of being seen as a sexy or sexual woman?
It is hard for you to connect to your full pleasure?
Do you feel scared of how other women will relate to you as a sexually powerful woman?
Is it hard for you to assert clean boundaries is life and sexual intimacy?
Is sex separated from the sacred for you? Or would you simply like to learn practices to impliment in your already juicy sex life.
Maybe you want to deep in surrender.
Maybe sex is a whole realm you’ve always been curious to explore but never knew where to start.
Does it feel like there is a sleeping giant within you just waiting for the chance to RISE?

Because this is definitely an opportunity to let it RISE!

Learn about how connecting with your VAGINA and your SEX will illuminate your life and everyone around you. For REALZ!


This course is for those who want to: 

* Have amazing ORGASMS to revitalize and empower your life!
* Use the Tantric practice of Transfiguration in life and in sexual practice.
* Use sexual meditations and rituals for self and in union with another.
* Learn how to manifest the things you want through your sexual practice.
* Learn the art of open presence to bring GOD into your sex.
* Connect to your deep essence nature.
* Connect to and embody your sexuality.
* Feel more pleasure
* Let go of lack of self worth and learn how to set healthy boundaries.
* Live in the power of vulnerability and emotion.
* Start dissolving codependence patterns (and why this is necessary if you want to be a sexual priestess).
* Understand how and why the Vagina is the seat of your consciousness as a woman.
* Activate your pussy power!!
*Understand the power of The Feminine principle and how to embody it – Magnetism!
* Be able to call sexual partners and in fact ANYONE into full presence with you.
* Appropriately embody Fierce Love in sacred sex and relationship.
* Learn how to attract the most healthy and compatible sexual partners.
* Activate the sacred purpose of seduction.
* Being in service as a sacred vessel.

If you’re ready to stand in your full power and sacred magick as a sexual woman… well it’s a life-time journey! AND these eight weeks will open up a lot, bringing you into a deeper embodiment of those aspects of yourself… in their full, fierce and vulnerable expression.



$710.00 AUD (pay in full only)



And receive nine weekly 60 min Skype coaching/mentoring sessions with Courtney.

Usually an additional $2000.

Get it for only $1620.

Available on payment plan.


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Course Start date and details

Let’s begin with the new moon…


May 26th (Australia)/ May25th (USA) (yes, everyone will be learning the art of time travel through this course… it’s called time zones!)

Format: Weekly webinars recorded and delivered to your inbox. Additional content and gifts in your inbox also.

Connect with your sister Fierce Mystics through the secret Facebook group, created just for you!


What others are saying about this course…

“I can’t tell you enough how powerful this experience was for me… Courtney is a gracious, powerful, clear, grounded and authentic facilitator and a safe space holder for experiences within this group… this was a sacred and powerful experience of deepening my knowing of my own energy fierceness and essence. And how to take care and cultivate that more fully.

I am so very thankful to Courtney and the women I was able to be with in this eight week journey. I highly recommend joining this experience if you are wanting to deepen your relationship to your own essence (self partnering) and your sacred sexuality. Great experience!!!”

– Jennifer Lusk, Boulder, Co. 


“This past seven weeks has been amazing! I’ve experienced so much growth around being in my pleasure and sharing it, boundaries, healing of traumas stored in my womb space, seduction from a place of integrity, bringing people into full presence and so much more! I love these ladies and this opportunity I’ve had to step more into my power!”

– Kimaya Edwards, Boulder, Colorado.




I want to be a part of the Sex to Consciousness revolution!

I’m on the journey of a SEXUAL PRIESTESS…

Course options

A bit about me in the context of this work.

I have been studying and practicing Classical and Sexual Tantra and Conscious Sexuality for seven years.

My journey with it has taken me all over Asia, Australia and in the US.

I am a creator of new work, facilitator, coach, writer and Spiral (Clearing) practitioner and have been facilitating change for people (formally) for the last 10 years. I am super passionate about the internal and external Feminine and a lover of Truth and Consciousness in all of its forms.

Sexuality is one of the areas where I most come alive and am told I give permission for others to do the same. My dream is to live in a juicy, loving, sexy, enlightened and integrated world. I do my best to bring that within myself every day as much as I can.


Spread the love. Let it start with you. 




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