Unleash orgasmic magick, integrate the girl, embody the woman. 

The Fierce Mystic Four Day Retreat


A non-residential retreat for women, set in the lush Dandenong mountain ranges of Victoria. Trans women welcome!


You want passion, love, purpose and contribution. You want to feel alive and know you came and gave everything to it. You want sex and God and full expression. You want to live as the Mystic within your human skin, embodied. 

You are not here to muck around. You are not here for anything less than all that you are. You are here to be the woman you were born to be. You are fierce, and soft and everything in between. 

You are ready to face truths and let go of hurts, to love the innocence and mature the forgotten bits… To unleash pleasure and let go into Spirit… and also, of course, to ground your human in it. You are ready to claim your womanhood, not just in age, but in embodiment. To trust the power of your intuition when it’s saying ‘do this’. To brave the shadow and know that true love means loving all of it. Light and dark. Masculine and Feminine. The paradox of living, means really being in it.

Self actualisation.

The first step means taking it.

The journey is calling… will you heed it?


A four day, full power, self actualise in your fierce mystic, integrated human event. 


  • Embody your grown up, not just in age, but your power.
  • Release and integrate family conditioning 
  • Inner child and Boundaries work
  • Accessing vagina and womb wisdom
  • Orgasmic energy and unleashing of pleasure magick.
  • Rites of passage ritual into embodied womanhood.


For those who love Truth.


The only Fierce Mystic workshop for 2017. Activate your full juice. Live in uncompromising power and love.



Check out the FAQs video below…




Taster and preparation night. 

Wed 23rd 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Room 2 (the room at the end of the hall), Dance of Life Studios,

250 George St, Fitzroy. 

$20 for the curious. 

(The taster price is included in the retreat payment for those who have already booked)



August Friday 25th – Monday 28th.

10am- 6pm 

Early Bird: $600.00 CLOSES SUNDAY 13TH AUGUST

Retreat in full: $800.00

Fierce Mystic Retreat


Do you have more questions? 

Register here to receive a free info call.

Ask questions, voice needs, sink in.


Please note: this is a NON residential retreat. You will need to have transport to the venue for each day. There are also many airbnb’s around the area which you can stay in to create an extra special ‘retreat’ vibe for yourself. For those who are travelling, we encourage carpooling. Good for the environment and good for travellers!

Please bring lunch and snacks with you each day as there are no cafes nearby. We are deep in mother nature!

Address upon registration.

***refunds are not available for this event.


This is your soul is calling…