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Fierce Mystics – Fierce Bitches  (May 10th)


Fierce Mystics – Activating the Yoni  

(May 13th)


Fierce Bitches


For those who identify as women. Because consent is sexy.

The trustability of your boundaries is what allows you to go deep, fly high, be sweet, meet orgasmic heights with complete surrender and allow your vulnerability to express itself safely.


When we respect our own boundaries, people no longer push us around. When we communicate our own boundaries, others can trust us and we trust ourselves. When we recognise our own boundaries and guard them, that’s when we trust our own guidance and feel safe within our bodies and relationships.


Most of us were taught not to have boundaries. To people please. To put others first. To over extend. Some of us believe the only way we can get love is by pushing other people’s boundaries, which ends up pushing others away from us anyway.


We live in a domesticated world.

A world where most of us have been separated from our instinct and our ‘no’ in order to be ‘nice’, ‘polite’ and in order to be ‘liked’. 


This is one of the root causes of abusive dynamics, relationships and patriarchy. The way women’s boundaries have been taught to not exist. Instead we either have become totally open for anyone to push us, or completely walled up where no one can get in, and become boundary pushers ourselves.

What if you knew what your boundaries were and how to put them in place? How to communicate them? How to feel your ‘No’ and OWN IT? What about doing it from a place that is energising rather than draining?


Because when you own your boundaries, when you risk being seen as a ‘bitch’, that is when you step into fierce self love and true love of other.


In order to have healthy relationships of any kind, let alone sexual practice… in order to let go into surrender, first we need to know where our boundaries are. This dictates safety, and it also dictates integrity. We need to undomesticate ourselves and own our Fierce Bitches.



Come learn about yourself.

Get fierce.

Step into your power.

Empower and protect yourself.

Own who you are unapologetically.

Know your NO so you can ecstatically say ‘YES!’


This workshop is a section taken from the Fierce Mystics – Sexual Priestess work. Which I have been slowly developing over the last two years since leaving Melbourne. It is my great honour and with a great excitement that I offer it to my sisters and community here in Melbourne. The first group work I have offered since returning; the return home.



Second Story Studios – Woom Room (downstairs)

222A Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066




Please be on time. Doors locked at 7.10pm.


Fierce Bitches

Activating the Yoni.


The Yoni (Sanskrit word for Vagina. It means ‘sacred space’ or ‘origin place’) is the seat of the consciousness of all female bodied humans. 

If you have a vagina, then this is the place that governs to consciousness you can reach, the joy you can feel, the creativity you can express and the power you can access.

You may know a lot about the vagina. You may even know about the six different orgasmic points and areas inside of the vagina. But do you know about the psycho-energetic aspects of these areas, and how they mirror the relationship you have to yourself as a woman, sexual being and temple? Are they awake? Are they active? Are they working their magic in the way they are able to?


What does your relationship to your outer labia say about your relationship to sexual boundaries? Or the sensation in your G-spot about your access to pleasure and ability to dive to the depths of yourself?


Did you know that your Yoni is the most receptive point on your body and that she is able, when activated, to call consciousness out in anyone around her… immediately? Do you know how to do that? Read this blog here to learn more. 

Learn about the power of your yoni to magnetise your desires and to open the heart-sex connection. Understand the deep nature of your vagina and how resting in her as your base will change not only your life, but the world around you too.

Understand the importance, purpose and power of orgasmic energy to revitalise your being and empower your life.


Use your sex for human pleasure and as a spiritual practice.


This is a super powerful workshop. It will juice-ify you. I’ve had women with their tubes tied get pregnant after doing this workshop, so be ready to have some seriously deep feminine power begin to flow through you.


For those who are ready to live from the seat of their feminine power and take their place as self actualised, adult women. 



Saturday May 13th

2pm – 5pm.

Second Story Studios

222A Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

The Healing Temple Room, left at the top of the stairs


Book in advance, limited places.


Please arrive on time. Doors locked at 2.10pm. Latecomers will not be admitted. No refunds. Bring water, comfortable clothes and all the feels that may be arising. 

We are looking forward to sharing the space with you!

Activating the Yoni


Fierce Mystics

We Love Truth