Coaching and Mentorship

I work with women who…


Yearn to unfold and give the gift of their power and purpose to the world wholeheartedly. Who long for sexual openness, passion and full orgasmic aliveness! Who want to live totally expressed as ALL of themselves; their sexy, profane, dirty, sacred, super smart, spiritual, mystical, powerful, boss bitch, nurturing lover and creative powerhouse selves. We are spirit and human, and these women are ready for it all!


  • Recognise and let go of the patterns holding you back.
  • Open to you pleasure, power and orgasmic Feminine nature.
  • Access and integrate your inner Masculine: make shit happen in the world!
  • Heal relationship wounding and patterns, call in the Love you are ready for!
  • Use your sex as a pathway to sacred Union (with other and, most importantly, self).
  • Develop Yoni (vagina) super powers
  • Be the woman you know you were born to be!
  • Live in your Truth.


The women I find myself working with are deeply sensual, feeling and mystical women. They are also smart as hell and came to this planet to get things done!

Sometimes they find it hard to come to terms with what society tells them are not co-existing aspects of self; for example their deep feeling, feminine natures, and their razor sharp masculine intellect that sees exactly what’s really going on. You know, the age old, you can be smart OR sexy, but not both at the same time. Other examples are the beliefs that you need to choose between independence or relationship, fierce boundaries or vulnerability. Our work together reveals to these women how they can integrate it all…

Yes, it is possible!

I find that I work with women who have special magickal skills and talents. Often they’re only just beginning to understand that, or these things begin to arise through our work together. 

The corporate hard arse who just has found out that she’s super psychic; the psychic who can see all kind of things but doesn’t know how to be a grounded, differentiated human; the woman going through Shamanic death and initiation into power; the creative powerhouse who wants to birth herself into her medicine woman; the maiden who wants to live as the Sexual Priestess; the psychologist who is ready to access her sexual aliveness; the Truth Seeker who will stop as nothing to fiercely be her truest self.


These women all look different. Some you have probably passed on the street and thought  ‘business woman’. Some of the others would make you look three times by their wild expressive outfit or their sensually open bodies.


Women all look and feel different. But the women I work with, on the inside, are all hungry and passionate for life. They want wild expressive love. They want to wake up or be woken up by their partners in the middle of the night. They want to know what it is to really live. They want to experience the ecstasy of their own sexual delight. They want adventure. They want freedom. But more that anything, these women want to live in Truth. Live in the truth, uncompromisingly, of who they were born to be and no one else. They know there is a gift burning inside them to give to the world, and the gift is them. They’re just only now ready to unwrap it. 


By the time we’re done working together, these women radiate.


Some women come to me because they feel that “My life just isn’t right. I don’t know what it is, but I know this isn’t where I want to be.”


“I have X relationship pattern, or X mother/father pattern, or X sexual pattern, that no matter what I do, I just can’t shake.”

Other women come to me because they say 

“I want to be my best self, and I know you know how to help me get there. And I want to learn how to have mind blowing, earth shaking, God/dess unifying orgasms along the way.”


Because these women know the seat of their power is in their sexual, orgasmic freedom. 


Part of the reason why women come to me is because their friends raved about me. Or they’ve been reading my Facebook posts, vlogs or blogs for years. Part of the reason women come to me is that they want to work with someone they feel safe with, held by and who they trust. These women come to work with someone who has deeply walked the path of fire and knows what it means to die and be reborn, over and over again until only the truest and most loving things remain (it’s an ongoing journey, btw). That the path of service is one of privilege and requires a deep honouring of the equality and relationship between client and practitioner.


Women come to me to work with someone who understands the passion in their souls.

And how to get that passion expressed into life.

Who gets the importance and grounded practicality of being both Feminine and Masculine and living as an integrated spiritual human. 

I am for these women. 




All programs work through an initial Skype/phone consult to make sure that we are a right match for each other. If I don’t think I have what I need for you, I will probably know someone who does. 

You can book in for an initial 90 min session with me (via Skype or in person if you’re in the same geographic location as me) to check me out and see if I’m for you. These are also great for clients who have already worked with me and simply want to work on one specific issue that needs tidying up. Together we map out what’s happening and resolve it, designing how to create your life/an area of life moving forward. 

Or we can create a program for you, to meet all your needs – let go of the patterns that aren’t serving you anymore and create the life your heart, womb and soul are calling for. 

These programs can be timed over either one month, two, three, six, or 12 months.



Please visit here to book your session, make a payment or view payment options.


Work On

  • General life satisfaction
  • Reoccurring parental patterns (don’t they love showing up in you relationships and purpose? Well how would it feel to let them go for good?)
  • Abuse and Trauma (on application only, must have already worked with a registered physiologist) 
  • Birthing your full power and purpose
  • Sexual awakening
  • Living in full expression
  • Relationship: heal wounding and create AWESOMENESS in your love life
  • Mentorship on Sexual Priestess-hood: using your sex as a sacred path
  • Vagina wisdom
  • Being in your full embodiment as a sexually alive woman  
  • Marrying the Spirit and the Human



How we work together

I am one of the first practitioners to go through Dane Tomas’ Spiral Practitioner training. Spiral Practitioners use the kinesiology based tool ‘Clearing’ to immediately locate and permanently release unconscious emotional programming that holds people back from the love, sex, money relationship and life they deeply yearn for. This tool is the single most effective tool I have ever come across for transforming conditioning, and hence the behaviours and external (and internal) realities of the people who use it. 

For more information on how it works see this video here:




This is one of the tools that will be used in your sessions, along with a plethora of wealth and training from over 10 years of travel, study and practice in the worlds of healing, Classical and Sexual Tantra, Conscious Sexuality, ritual, meditation, group facilitation, human behaviour studies and coaching.

Expect practical work on a mental and emotional level. Expect exciting and juicy opening on a sexual level. Embodiment processes for the physical. Enact creative ritual acts to open up creativity and expression. Know that you Soul is a vital part of the whole process. Our work is to integratively work on EVERY level. 

We are marrying Human and Spirit.

Masculine and Feminine. Sex and Consciousness. Truth and Love. Apparent opposites to live in the paradox. 

Because, you are a complex being who knows it can also be simple.

And Amazing. 

Expect results. 

And Love. 



If you’re ready for self actualisation, book in for a 90 minute session here. Or contact me here to set up a free Skype consultation call.

Let’s see which option would be best for you.

If you’re ready, then it’s time to make magick happen.

You may find it even starts before the sessions begin (it’s that good…)


**please note, I have a discount program for women who are under 25 and on a student level salary. This program is 25% of the regular pricing (75% off). I love working with young women who want to stand in their power and truth and be great in the world. To find their purpose, voice and give it! This is why I have made an affordable option for young people. I work with only 3 of these women at a time, so if you would like to be one, contact and we can set up an informal interview. 



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