Awe and making the changes to come back to it.

Posted on May 25, 2015 in Beliefs, Clearing, News | Comments Off on Awe and making the changes to come back to it.


When you get on the back of the motorbike of someone you trust, it means you can fully surrender and watch the stars in the wide sky.

Jason Silva talks a lot about awe being the key ingredient for life more so than happiness. That awe is what gives us a sense of the magnamity of the universe. For me it makes me feel connected to the greater-ness of the universe and life.


A basic feature of my personality used to very much be a deep and playful sense of wonder. It has been a long time since I’ve felt that consistently though. That fact has made me feel quite sad and a sense of loss. When did I grow so ‘old’ at 29? Was it just going to get worse as time marched on? Was I going to become dried up and brittle with no presence or wonder or gratitude for each precious moment?

Today I felt it coming back. The mountains rising green into the blue sky. Trees swaying tropical against a turquoise back drop, stars in ink filled skies.


When shit isn’t working for you; when you’re not fully happy; when life isn’t flowing; when you’re not meeting or expressing your potential to what you COULD be. There are a number of things you can do.


One is CHANGE shit! I’m not talking about chronic dissatisfaction where you actually just need to learn to be present and in acceptance with your life. I’m talking about when SHIT IS NOT WORKING because you’re not situated correctly.


Environment plays more of a role in our lives than is given credit to it. It might be your home, it might be your workplace, it might be your suburb or even your country. But if you’re someone who is deeply affected by environment (I am), then chances are you need to be in a space that feels JUST RIGHT in order to fully flourish.


Time and rest and daily ocean swims have reconnected me. A daily coconut or three has reconnected me. Massage and meditation and shooting The Boom! Experience have reconnected me. Being on an island where there is geographic space to allow for mental space has reconnected me.


Reremembering the truth that I am God and am all I will ever need has reopened my eyes to the incredible beauty all around me.


If things aren’t working for you, ask yourself what it is you need. Then go and make sure you meet that need. You’re the only one who can.


Maybe you need to change something outside, and maybe that will challenge you. Maybe you ‘just’ need to change an internal attitude, and maybe that will overwhelm you (or not). But whatever it is, 



You have only one life. Make it a creation of rich enjoyment!