Who I am



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Until then, here are a few little things for you to know about me.


I grew up in Australia. I left at 18 to travel the world. I didn’t return for another 4 years. I have left and returned and done a number of global circles in that time.


I have an adventurous spirit. I do exactly what feels right. My heart and soul call me and I move with their demands. They are hungry for life, experience, understanding, feeling. I am hungry to traverse the vast landscape of this reality and return to tell the tale!


I love love. Truth is my boyfriend. I will do whatever it takes to be my truest self and become the woman I am always becoming more and more, each and every day.

I have been put to the test many times. I looked it in the face. I hope I always have that courage.

I call others into truth. Sometimes they don’t like it. Other times they love it. I love it when my loved ones call me out with love!


I love humanity. AND sometimes I am so frustrated with us!


My being wants to make love to life. To the shadow. To the light. To experience all that I am and embody it.


I believe we were brought here not to reject our human-ness, but embrace it and see that it too, is God/dess. That is the real work. That is the great play!


I am a devotee. I love the divine. I bow down and love to do it’s work.

Sometimes I pout my lip and stamp my feet while i’m doing it. But I always come back… to doing the work.


I was born to self actualise. I was born to walk a road of the brave. To walk the road with the brave. Sometimes I claw my way through the mud in being brave. Sometimes bravery means being in flight.


When I’m not a beast, I am a bird. When I’m not a bird, I am a snake.

When I’m not a snake, I swim the oceans; you’ll find me in the depths. You find me calling you to your depths…


I have earned my stripes. It was a path of blood sweat and tears. It was a path of ecstatic orgasmic bliss. There is more to come. There is more to learn. There is more to let go into…


There is, there is always… more.


And. After all this time.

I finally said yes to being a guide on the way.


I have some tools. Some words to shed light. They might fit you at this time. They might be better suited at another.


But this is who I am here for.

Fierce Mystics who love. Who love to love with fierce passion. To wake their lovers up in the middle of the night. Who devote their hearts to Truth and Integrity. Who will not stop, whose bravery takes them on, through star lit and dark nights, through the days and the sun lit skies. Who refuse, REFUSE to compromise. Whose deep heart yearns for the gift of giving their deepest, most pulsing selves… giving back to life.

Giving back to life, always taking in and then giving back to life.


Generous, passionate, truth loving beings. Who are here for a good time. Who are here to be their absolute best, most realised selves.


I won’t settle for anything less. That is the world we are calling forth, when we call it forth in ourselves.


I am here for you. The brave ones, the real ones. The absolutely wanting to be unapologetically self expressed and ready to realise ones!


I am not for the faint of heart. The faint of heart would not have me.

But the brave and uncompromising. I’m all yours baby!



Oh yeah… creds.  I’ve studied Neo and Classical Tantra all over the world. One of a hand full of Spiral Practitioners. I’m the Creatress of Boom Online, Embodying the Leela and the founder and Creatress of Transfiguration Circle Melbourne.  I am currently bringing forth the Fierce Mystics work to the world. For those who are passionate about sword of truth strength consciousness and deeply juicy embodied sexuality, all held with a tender loving heart.

Work with me one on one with coaching/clearing/mentoring, or come participate in one of my online or in person events and courses. I promise to give you everything I’ve got and then some.





Amazing photography at top by the very talented Sway at swayphotography.com



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