Live in Truth

A Bit About Courtney...

I love Truth, sex, orgasms, love, intimacy, God/dess and self realisation. The order fluctuates.

Everything I do is to be living in my truest self. I work with humans whose heart yearns for that same thing too. Because we are here to make a big mother of a difference on this planet. We are not here to sit back and be passive. We are not here to let victim consciousness have the day.

We are here to stand up and be brave and real and say WE DID SOMETHING. We are here to realise our own MAGNIFICENCE!

That something starts, and ends, with us.

Do truth and love get you juiced? Then please, enter my site baby, come on in… ūüėČ

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Recent Blog Posts

August 10, 2017 |

Why I won’t call myself a feminist

The title says it all. Made from a ¬†place of deep love. Please comment and share.   xx    ...

April 25, 2017 |

Why I Love My Jade Wand (or ‘spiritual’ sex toys and why to use them).

Did you know that your yoni (vagina) is the seat of your consciousness as a female bodied human? Did you know that having lots of yummy, penetrative orgasms is vital for your health, happiness and wellbeing? That it literally opens up your creativity, power, your happiness, connection to self and ability to reach higher states of consciousness?

January 26, 2017 |

My Vagina the Temple

Your vagina is the most receptive part of your body. Whoever you take in there, know that you are receiving them to the depth of your core. Do you want that energy fruiting in your life? Because what you take in, will travel to your womb (energetically and physically) and grow in your life around you…

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